Monday , June 5 2023

Santa Fe found Vaccines :: L Litorial – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


The FIG | [email protected]

2018 was not a good year for providing vaccines to the province. In 2019 it is not excluded: only 25% is given.

"We have found that the summer rains in August, double the adults, especially tetanus, hepatitis A and asked to fulfill. We have received them already. But reattaveras missing, the situation is not configured to manasikeareakkas. Complete delivery and only 50% in the last year. Cell phone comes with a triple, a pregnant woman with baby's breath It is used to prevent the satte. The promise is a promise that this week, but we do not have the required amount, "admits the head of the health portfolio Santa pheyute. If you do not have enough quantitative vaccines that are working in the distribution now, you will have to try twice: Look at the people and invite them effectively. Complete calendars. Everything that comes here is focused on the central and north sides.

Another missing man. The situation in February will be normal, but today they will send an amount, for example, big cities have 10 dots, or nothing at the center. This complicates logistics, and the relationship between health and society. He does not understand that this is not our problem, but the national state.

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