Tuesday , September 27 2022

Sandra Bullock works on the "bird box" platform


The emerging presence in the movies that are both up front and back in the movie are real Sandra Bullock She is convinced that she will not go back.

Revolving around the conversation in the Berlin hotel His latest film "Bird Box" directed by Danish Susan Beer opens today's Netflix. But one hour before lunch and a bachelor wants to clarify things. "The vagina is telling me, I've just said it!" While answering questions about the recent journey of women in the film, she repeats the pressures repeatedly repeatedly.

"We're not going anywhere, it's going to be on the level and it will be enjoyable and enjoyable." Everyone is going to play well in the same box, and that's what I think will happen " "Speed" (1994), an Oscar "The Blind Side" (2009).

The German capital "bird box" In a post-apocalyptic story, years after a woman and her two children tried to save themselves, and an invisible presence led to suicide in almost every community in society.

The movie which is produced by Netflix is ​​now available to users.

Computer Bulcke says regarding the new cultural system of the audience: "Changes are always in. We were there with black and white movies, and voice. And the voice, are all mad, the films that we need to voice a platform to create help an actor to create this employment (…) An amazing thing, underneath, prior to the study, the two kaikalumuntavum, get more movies a year.

Expert Suzanne beer ("Serena", "Brothers"Besides this post-caripultic thriller, the wings of the critics are uplifting and promoting us as a good soundtrack. Resonor and Rose.

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