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Sandler's warning: December's pace emissions will be lower than the deal with the IMF

Due to the expected expectation of December, the IMF will not be generous. Central Bank chief Guido Santellis said in an interview at the American Council that organized the G20 summit.

"As we passed our economic base in the coming months, if we realized that we did not expect money and availability in December,, The officer confirmed.

The funding agreement sets the goal of making zero payments, but in December it becomes very tiring. It is expected to increase 60 percent by next month. This stimulates the market by $ 70,000. This is because of the demand for cash in the year end with the demand of companies to pay salaries, half bonus and now bonus.

Sandalaris wants to show a central sustainable nature of money laundering. The goal is very clear: Avoid the sudden jump on the dollar and fall in inflation at the same time.

The currency movement reached a peak of about 10 percent at the start of the month, reaching $ 40 per barrel, which had a strong repercussion on the part of the BCA. There have been more than $ 60,000 in exchange in the last two days. This increases the exchange rate. It has indirectly placed a break for leakage rate reduction. Now it's 61 percent.

The head of the BCAIA, which received the initial package for new cash flows, is satisfied. He declared it "High level indexes" start to fall in inflation in November. This index is calculated to be a little below the index, half of the registered in the last two months.

Besides, the country will get the most competitive exchange rate in September "The first commercial surplus within 21 months".

"There's a lot to do. This is the conclusion of the Central Bank – Sandlerisms – aware of the dangers of the economy in the coming months. If we allow the terms, we will only increase the base of money. "

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