Saturday , June 10 2023

Sandler's: Debt deflation is a continuing challenge to the central bank


The world's interest rate and industrial devaluation is much better prepared than the Latin American advance rather than facing an internationally acceptable international environment. Sanders' Inaugural Conference

He explained that the present situation is more complicated. He is one of the leading causes of the year in 2018 when he faces Argentina. However, he said, a good portion of our financial system has been corroborated.

In that sense, The central government aims at reducing inflation, "it will not be a year's duty".

Karim Lam from the Panel "Emerging Markets Outlook", a teenager CEO Kevin Schneider, McKinsey Global Managing Partner, chief executive from Hong Kong, finance and finance minster Barat Albayak, and Turkish governor Tark Sultan Al Sz.

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Recall that Zdlarrez met investors, investors and investment banks on Mars. Together with Djokov, who has developed advancements in Argentine tax issues and analyzes the possibility of investing in the country.

In addition, the US Congress of North American Communications met with other executives of AT & T. LaTechne, headed by AT & T, Larry Lee, Vice President Karim Leicesa, CNN, HBO, Warner Bros and other telecommunication companies.

Dujon, Wednesday, will take up the investment project of the President of Coca-Cola President James Quincy, and will meet with Amazon Global Services CEO Michael Pink.

A press conference will be held with the president of Central Bank. Then JP Morgan Bank President Daniel Pinto and European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malströn will meet.

The IMF's head, IFF chief, fell 2.4 per cent on Thursday to 2.8 per cent of its fiscal deficit.

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