Friday , September 30 2022

Rossandrand's objection in dealing with four sensitive cases was disturbing in the Supreme Court


Delay in the treatment of certain cases, ministers at the last meeting of the contract Ricardo Laurentette, Juan Carlos Macdua, Horacio Rosetti They asked the President of the Tribunal, to Carlos Rosenkrantz, to Create an agenda of subjects that need to be solved before the end of the year. They also express support for creating a timetable for the exclusion of these files. It is also relevant to the social and institutional life of the country – that is advertising. By source Infobox, Rosenkrantz does not want to know anything about the idea of ​​propagating the agenda.

There are four cases in Lorenzetti, Macduver, and Rosetti. Lusio Orlando Blanco's retirement in 2003 was the lowest in average salary. Roma II Room II of Som Security with Blair, Nola Kamen Dorado and Louis Herroro, should give Blancco a 31% increase from a pension height. Historically

This means that the case is considered Ministers are in favor of Lawrence Chetty, Macdua and Rosetti. This law, although applicable only to Blancko, would have influenced more than 150,000 courts. Appeals filed by Ansis have not yet been finalized. Rosenkrantz voices delayed this file.

Another case to include in the agenda to fix the end of the year The controversial 2 × 1 judgment against the crimes against humanity during the last military dictatorship. At the last meeting, the Lawrence's contract, Macdah and Rosetti raised this issue, Rosentrans first opposed and proposed to change the reason for the analysis and addressed the administration at the last meeting of 2018.

As delays in delays, Three ministers have also put their positions to decide as soon as possible The last agreement is to be fixed and fixed in the meeting. This, for Block from the absence of Rosenkrantz or Highton The treatment is disappointing. The reason for the flow of boards is that of Jose Tadeo Luis Betoli, the repressive offense committed during the last military dictatorship. Supreme Court President who will benefit from being oppressed with 2 × 1.

The third issue was initiated by the Magistrates' Association and submitted by the Income Tax Act, which constitutes former judges. In January 2017, however, they come to serve as judicial officers before that date.

Finally, the fourth point of the agenda suggested by Lorenzetti, Macduver, and Rosetti is the valid or definition of the provincial slogans of Santa Cruz. Thanks to this method, Alicia Kirkuner was elected governor in the last election. Now the Kabobus Senator Eduardo Costa has the highest number of votes.

At a meeting next Tuesday, ministers Lorentzetti, Macdued, and Rosetti are the president of the court It must be fixed before the end of this agenda.

There has been a disagreement among the judges about the delay of the Rosenthara. They want to advance to lead them. As he said InfoboxHe does not intend to take care of the courts to not allow the new President to appoint the ruler of the millions of funds.

Where to print should be done where many relatives have to face appointment in different locations: The daughter of Rosen Contrace is lover The system is in the department's department A nephew of social work in the high court, But it is they who are the transgressors. The signature of the daughter of an important law student who is legally in the Supreme Court must record the signature in other addresses.

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