Friday , September 30 2022

Roddello "relieved" the defeat of the river against Al Ain, for Onofrio


Success is not only in mind, but in the minds of certain people who practice sports or followers. It's hard for someone to understand the relief of a relief, which is more like a very relevant game. However, it seems to be possible in the universe of Bose in this multi-champion river.

One relief is to represent Roddoldo D'Owenoi at the semi-finals of the semi-finals of Club Football, alongside Al Ain Emirati. How? Yes. "I'm not sad, Saturday, without a doubt, I loved to win the final and play I took a burden In an interview, the president assured us that I can celebrate again and again with Boca Radio The Network

The success of the Super Finals in Madid as part of the Shangri-La Hotel facility in Abu Dhabi's luxury hotels and the people after the failure on Tuesday.

When we reached Al Ain, we thought we had succeeded in winning He concentrated on the game in another day and Saturday. Now Chow and Simulation. I am drinking with a friend who faced this in the maharid mosque (Shaikh Zayed Masjid). "He said.

D'Onfrio said: "The most important cup in the river in history" was considered "mentally fresh" after the success of Marcelo Galardo.

The third place of the Club World Cup (Saturday 10.30 at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium against Kashia Antwerp at Galle Stadium). The President noticed that 200 Buenos Aires.

"We're ready for the big party at the age of 23, which is going to celebrate this Copa libertadores, with players, leaders, coach staff and fans, and that's a big boon." The Memorial will be held on Sunday.

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