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Road tourism shook at "two million race" by Hos Manuel Urzera

Jose Manual Urzera, The Chevrolet driver, The road tourism at Raphaela ended till the end of the day, with over two million passover in the accident. The pitch, which was checked for the Mariano Eurasu winner, was completed Augustin Kanapani (Chevrolet) too Juan Martin Trucco (Dodge).

More than 50,000 people have been on Thursday since Thursday Temple of Speed: Raphaë Road Course City. Jealousy overcomes any hurdle that is clear. TC, The most popular country in the Guinness Book of Records and the oldest country in the world, No limits. From Friday on the circuit access to color and the number of fertilizers increased. Then the show, not disappointing Approximately 300 km / hr showcases the track of 49 cars on track.

In addition to this award, the winners had two million pesos.Last year, one million reached) Was distributed by driver and anchor Mariano Yudica. He has shared and shared with ACTC and other authorities of ACTC, from Sunday morning to Mr. ACTC. Hugo MasassenPresident of ACTC, Santa Fe's Governor Miguel Lifschettet, confirmed a new date in Rafaya this year.

Cheerlead Ursera, a German Carr, was greatly influenced by the weekend: Saturday finishing second in classics, after his companion Valentin Aguirre. He earned his series on Sunday (which was also the third fastest) in the final of the final.. It was exaggerated.

Despite the repetitive earnings of the safety car, the ionionrrino pilot demonstrated his constant and greater potential. His first success in this season is the necessity to achieve the title of road tourist.

The PTC is in self-reflection. Throughout every country visits, across the country, With an average attendance of 40,000 people. Success in winning the TC is a luxury feature, and one of the most iconic circuits in the country, and the two million peso in the game, will be satisfied.

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