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River-Boogie: If the match is held, it will be in Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid on December 9 – 11/29/2018

The set for versions and operations is not allowed. Minutes with minute by minute. Doha's petro-dollar rich supernainal seemed to have lost power over the last hour. Madrid's Madrid collapse. If the Compp Disciplinary Unit fails to determine if it fails,For Kopa Libertadoras final. The United States will be champion on December 9 in Argentina, on Sunday evening at 4.30 pm at Burnabei, Santiago.

How did the Madrid company reach? The first version suggests the Genius Infantino Alejandro Dominance He also demanded that the Copa libertadores win the final in Spain. More precisely in Madrid. The Royal Spanish Football Federation is a black cross on the ground in order to prevent the player from playing in Miami. A formal invitation to Komel'boll for the last hours would have been tailor-made.

There is no other major problem for choosing to go to Spanish capital: Ascensionan State: Security. If they are defined to be playing with two parties, they want to make sure they are in Argentina Access rights to bars, They have no events happening in European territories.

Something else: The strong presence of clubs and branches in the Oded Condens, the River and Boca, consider a movement closer to 10,000 to Madrid. This is a conversation between Marioumermoi Makri and Pedro Sanchez, president of the Spanish government.

In the last hour, Paris's capital city, Paris Quther, became the sponsor of the airline. The same company is a Comfort Sponsor who wants to play the final in Doha. But it seems that Madrid's suggestion has attracted more attention.

There is another version that separates Infantino from discussions to bring the final to Spain. FIFA's president arrived in Argentina at 6.20 am He was Fernando Marin, near Mauritius Makri. He went to the Mio's hotel in Quintana Avenue in Recoella, Buenos Aires. He will be participating in several seasons of the G-20 Summit.

Infantino called it "In Argentina the finals were played ". Among the things he decides, he has turned away from the influence of some media. "I do not want to comment"Swiss court ruled.

Still waiting for the decision of FIFA's disciplinary action, The call code has already been decided by the end of the competition. That's happening on the desk of Dumingus. Qatar's fast-paced money Paraguayan realized that the Argentine final was not played in the country, and that the continent was a sign of political weakness.

Madrid and Paris were in consideration. The Spanish capital eventually existed. It is a central repository of world football. The same language is spoken in most South American languages. The administration and the sanctions agreed upon, and everything will be guaranteed.

But this is a political defeat for the party to the Combob to go to a European UnionThey calculate the paraguay. Of course, of course, Dowmins ended up in the mosque last week too …

If you support the event where the Libertadores Cup will be held in the final place with a group (South American and European) to move to Europe, it will exit from the limit.

Domingues was excited about the possibility of finalizing the final at the Medalin. He adopted the mayor of that city, Federico Gutierrez. In politics, this game is a hint of the Colombian Bloc (Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru) for Colombia to Colombia, two years ago, heading the head coimbatore. In addition, it allows to play the final in South America and will not break the tradition.

Even though there is a strong pressure from a televised company to play in Miami.

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