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Repel Cancer and DNA to cure disorders


Report. In the last ten years, biomedical scientists from universities, institutes and private laboratories have been convinced of the DNA. Molecules have developed different technologies that try to prevent the errors and remedies in the fault. In 2018, Mexico is the first country in the world to adopt a new type of "precision medicine" method to combat cancer in viruses. Long-term lymphocytic leukemia

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule in the nucleus of each organism of animals, plants and animals. Each cell is reconstructed and the DNA is copied into the original cell and transferred to the new cell before copying. But if there are mistakes in the copying, there may be serious and deadly illnesses like cancer of various types of cancer.

In the last ten years, biomedical scientists from universities, institutes and private laboratories have been convinced of the DNA. Molecules have developed different technologies that try to prevent the errors and remedies in the fault.

DNA is a molecule similar to two long threads that connect DNA. A molecule that looks like a chair for an illustrious painter with thousands of steps. When a step collapses from one bank or one step is actually different from the order – a reckoning – issues arise. If you use an analogy, DNA is a golf club, but less than a haircut, each cell contains a formula within the ace.

Today, in the operation of molecules, high-level pharmaceutical pharmacy has opened up a new field, the drugs currently available in many parts of the world, including cancer, in Mexico, Mexico, and the benefits of cancer cells in the lungs and other cells.

Another new technique of doctor repair is the editing of the genes through organic biomass, which is known as CRIPR 9, in laboratories in China, the United States and Korea. The technology is yet to be commercialized to solve the genome damage caused by lung cancer and heart defects, but its tests are rapidly progressing.

In 2015, the Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and three researchers explained how molecules work for repairing DNA. Every day, they are damaged for the human body and show the activity inside the body of all plants and animals. However, various diseases appear when repairs fail.

These pioneers are finding out the DNA repair work by Thomas Lindal, Paul Modidge, and Aziz Sankar. His studies began several decades ago, but now his products will benefit the people.

Started Against Leukemia. Mexico is the world's first country to recognize a new type of treatment called "prision medicine" to combat cancer of chronic lymphocyte leukemia (CLL).

One week later, the new medical treatment approved by the Mexican Health Authority in May and a week is due to a defective failure of cancer cells to die on June 7. In a particular structure or "sensor" of the infected cells, the treatment is considered microscopic medicine.

The Federal Commission for the Protection of Nature Risks (COFFEEPRISES) distributed the right to the use of this treatment in Mexico and Abbawwa, a biotechnology laboratory, was sent to Mexico. A multinational program called 'Careno' was launched to support the new treatment.

Chronic lymphocyte leukemia (CLL) is a type of slow lung cancer in lung and blood. Vitaminic blood cells called lymphocytes can lead to cancer and are growing abnormally. Among the elderly are the most common type of leukemia, which is twice as many men as men.

This effectively affects chemotherapy in destroying cancer cells by causing the death of infected cells. This therapy was introduced in Chicago at the Cancer and Oncology Society (USA) Society. It ended June 5.

Strange as it may seem, the cell is never a problem with different types of cancer. Each healthy cell has a lifetime, after the cycle is born, growth and reproduction will die. But the instructions for self-cancer are only cancer cells.

When a tumor dies, the process called apoposissis is unusual and it is reproduced and the formation of large droplets or tumors. When the non-die cells pass through parts of the body, passing through an element, scatter or water, metastas begin to begin.

After completing the correct life cycle, the sepop narcotics in the skeleton of the drug can prevent cells that die or die.

Special specialty in specialty specialty specialty in Edwardo Edmundo Reninso Gomos Hospital in June Chronicle Compared to the modern medical system, the new treatment service will help prevent CLL from getting worse. Common chemo-immune therapy, deep revisions, and prescribed schedules.

Brake Lane Cancer. Higher Scale Medicine The other thing that is beneficial in the population is nothing else. The term of infected people will be extended to diagnose lung cancer. These treatments can now be treated with drugs that can make DNA changes in the course of two or four months and thus increase the survival of an 18 month average. But patients who have no medical treatment are three and a half days or four years old.

Some cases have occurred in a geographical location in Mexico where this event was held in Buenos Aires, Latina American Seminary, which suffered from cancer in Argentina and Costa Rica.

There was a message that there should be a good optimism in the fight against lung cancer. But all Latin patients have no medicines and most cancers are not diagnosed with the disease. The lungs have no solution.

"The last major change in the relief of these patients is that in the last four years, the recognition and use of new groups called microorganisms can correct genetic mutations," he explained. Chronicle Dr. Louis Corrales, Oncologist at San Francisco Research and Management Center, San Jose, Costa Rica.

"Some of the genes position change kreameaseamil (mattalukal happens every cell in the anukendrattiluman) vyatyasamakumpealum. Works as some of the foods that contain protein receptors order svadhinikkumpeal biochemical each sellinreyum membarensil. If this protein is bad, they & # 39; s on it & # 39; stop signals to cells Yaykkate will be sent to restore it. Tyumarukal are formed in this way. That is why the making of new drugs, genetically, asvasthyamulla call control signals to reproduce cells, preventing, "said Costa rikan expert.

The most important repeated reflection on the medical tests is to notify chemotherapy and to conduct a chemotherapy in front of a chemotherapy with lung cancer such as those who do not harm them. Patients with lung cancer can use drugs even without normal chemotherapy.

"We're going to be strategic or clinical model," said Dr. Diego Cayne of the University Hospital at the University of La Rioja in Argentina.

"The most treatments used to correct mutations in two proteins of the cell membranilulla igi'ephar'arum influences the activity of ALK + and that. They have two modes is influenced by the quality of the cells, and they will do a lot to improve the lives of the patient and correcting the tumor shrinks," Dr. Kahn said to 2014. This change began in ASEAN.

"They have been with the lung cancer for 3 years and a half and four years, with an average survival of 18 months, but they sent their doctors to their homes to survive for four months, and their body died before they died," said the doctor, "the clinical research head of the clinical analogogy rejection integrity (Cori).

Gene editing. In addition to the High Priffin medicine, great news has been created over the last two years in the world of basic science related to another technology for solving the errors in DNA called "gene editing".

This technique can be explained if we think about programmed programs that cut a particular part of the DNA molecule. The scissors are molecules known as CRISPR-Cas9.

In this gene edition, what has happened, but nothing is exhausted and why the cut is made because the DNA repair work is active on a special site where interventions are made.

A new tool for the "editing" genome known as CRISPR-Cas9 was tested successfully in China on October 28, 20016. Where a patient with lung cancer was successfully treated with edited cells.

At the time, the commercial nature of the CRISPR-Cas9 therapy was indefinite due to legal battle for genetic-fixing US patent rights. The issue is stuck at the American Patent and Trademark Office, which is responsible for deciding who first invented the technology.

However, the highest benefits offered by this technology to the laboratory, one year later, was discovered on August 2, 2017, for scientists from the US, China and South Korea for the first time in a historical fact. Thank you for using a genetic mutation in human embryos as a traditional disease.

As a result of their work, they overwritten the transition in a gene. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is one of the 500 people that stimulates the genes affected.

To conduct experiments, the cycle generated health problems produced by fertilization through fertilization resulting from a motion of MYBPC3 gene from a psychiatrist.

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