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Purchase of dollars with a small saver – 12/20/2018


The dollar demand for retail surplus has again declined in November, according to the exchange report prepared by Central Bank.

On the basis of this document, "at least for the fourth time selling the dollars in human hands at least, 450 million dollars. "

This was described as a low demand for bills ($ 128 million), increase in wholesale sales and overall purchase of tickets.

This is the fourth consecutive month since stirring foreign exchange restrictions in December. This continues for the fourth consecutive month. "This demand for taxes on taxes has been demanded to pay bills for hoardings, and the number of individuals that were sold and reduced the quantity of purchaser they bought in October."

The number of sales activities decreased. After October, 19.7% (212,000 individuals) and 7.7% (49,000 more) were sold.

As usual, individuals are concentrated on banknotes Low levels In November, 69% of the total sales, 63% of total purchases were less than the US dollar. Sellos has a per capita income of 1,260 dollars per capita income of $ 1,170.

On the other hand, $ 328 million deals with personal services, and the total flow of $ 338 million was recorded compared to "travel and other card payments". In October, the figure fell by about 48%. In other words, external entrance has fallen down to shop.

These figures describe a number of facts: dollar exchange rates have reached a limit, the stability of the exchange rate or the fall of the exchange rate, and the people (and companies are going to sell foreign currency, this term is called "Pop Dunato").

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