Friday , May 20 2022

Poor cars parked with a Ford lift


The municipality has decided to rent a car on an hour to remove traffic disruption cars.

Engineer Transport Head Enrique Romero, who runs a double ramp on the ramps or garages, said, "They have left them on the double-road for half an hour, in which there are beacons." When did the carrier break between 20 and 25 days a day?

A sample or forklift helps in capturing encrypted users. That is, the cars have appeared in front and back, which can be very difficult to remove. We rent now, but we are buying one for a discount. This will help our Corral Cars and Motors to be included, "said the municipal officer.

So far, only two housing systems and a number of "tricks" have tried to move cars. "There are a focus for four vehicles. And moved to a side and use them to increase the hydraulic jakkukal and try to remove them. They change hands marrivaccal, we used soda bottles lying on cataccarann ​​cataccarattiyilirunn, so they mannalelkkunnu, but we also bear the risk to break them. A Titanic are reluctant to take responsibility. Those folks are already dealing with kreyinukal.

Which places have more violations? Romero explained that this will take place at the door of schools that have double the rules. He added that the situation is complicated in two places a few months before. In Marcos Pass 800, a new kindergarten ("they have parked on triple road due to bottles for traffic blocks") and municipality's block ("Some municipal officials have created official & # 39; signs of official use, they believe they have the right, Take every day & # 39; & # 39;).

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