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Overweight and suicides are expected in America

In the United States, the lifespan of the United States has decreased by 2017 compared to 2014. Reports indicate that suicide rate increases due to a historical problem caused by drug addiction.

"We're going down the continuation of the great Influenza epidemic of 1918," said Robert Anderson, head of the National Center for Health Statistics. In 1918, Anderson pointed out that the collapse was very strong.

In 2017, male life expectancy at an average of 76.1 years and 81.1 years for women. The average age of the population is 78.6. It was 78.9 in 2014.

In addition, Canada's borders are on the other side for less than three and a half years. It crosses the limit.

Robert Redfield, director of Disease Control and Prevention Center, said: "These statistics show us that most of the disadvantages are causing us to lose many Americans.

Drug trade began in the early 2000s. The intensity has increased over the last four years.

In 2017, 70,000 Americans died due to drug use. In 2016 it is 10% higher.

Anderson has compared HIV infections in comparison to a difference compared to this condition. The authorities are trying to follow the same path. "Although we are a developed country, there is no shortage of experience," he said.

In 35 OECD countries, Iceland recently decreased levels of life expectancy, up to 2016. In other places it is emerging.

In the US in 2017, 47,000 died. Since 1999, suicide rate has increased by 33%.

"We have a lot of work to overcome these trends," says Democratic Congressman Bill Foster.

– Opioids –

There are two sections for overdose. Opariid drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine, and another 27,000 people were murdered for mental illness.

But in the second division: Optimaise.

The problem is to ignore the problem with the help of heroine, morphine, semiconductive operations, oxygen, prescription pink color, sold in black market, compactician doctors and laboratories.

More recent deaths have emerged from a new generation of drugs: synthetic opioids such as Fentanyill, dozens of talents than heroin. In 2017, approximately 28,000 Americans die.

"The Opium Market is now fully dominated by Fundamental," said Joshua Post, former Military Health Officer at the University of Jones Hopkins University, Washington Post.

The death of synthetic operators has doubled from 2016 to 2016. Last year it was 45%.

But 2017 estimates provide an authoritative hope. The number of drugs is rising, but it slows down.

The preliminary estimates of 2018 suggest a crisis that was earlier this year. "But it's hard to say" because in only a few months David Anderson said.

Director of luxury service at New York State University Herschel Kiran, jumped into the conclusions. "You can see the path curved up, no doubt," he said. "But 70,000 people die and it's hard to burn."

This plague has not affected all countries equally. The center is located between Texas and South Dakota and is safe in the state.

In the North East corner, this crisis is getting worse in New England. Where the bodies donate more and more.

It is strong in the old industrial belt (two states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, particularly in the two poorest states in West Virginia, with 58 deaths out of 58,000 in comparison with the national average.

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