Friday , January 27 2023

Orellanna, shot behind


Redolpho "Ronald" Oralla was killed in the process of bullying in the Boons Ayers Police. He has five children. It was the Confederation of Counselling (CTEP) of the People's Corporation. Eyewitnesses say Buenos Aires is an eye-witness in the province.

The first response to the Emergency and the official chains of the private media were added. It was the victims of other workers and popular workers: Maximiliano Costigi and Dario Sant. Make a dispute between the crimes. They will be the protesters, the poor, the Bolivians and the Paraguayan … Details are fitting, the narrative is unique.

The first fake news on a "primary test" developed in some media has evolved. He lurks loredactó, and they run as scholars, and there will be a sentence. An orangal, virtual or probable report, I did not shoot: There were two stitches in my body. The postmortem collapsed in lieu: a bullet caught his life. There is an entrance hole, not an active body.

Later official newspapers spoke of "the death of a terrorist". "Death" is considered as a drug because it does not include "murder". "Mythnath" refers to a suspected offender in the ruling party's dictionary.

– – –

Security Minister Cristian Ritto of Buenos Aires analyzes "two hypotheses": the police are responsible for either the police or the chariot. When he slept, he accepted Jan Mode: nothing worked, leaving uniform in peace.

It indicates that the first hours of any manual inquiry are crucial, particularly the alarm between the policemen. Whether this delay is on trial and taking advantage of unparalleled versions make some analytics impossible. We can prove that the high frequency judges and prosecutors are delayed without authorizing a procedure. Being colored by political authorities, or standing separately from the 1980s, must be occupied.

– – –

In Pakistan, the criminal accused most spoke Friday. Clann Palmer Many times: 10 A day before yesterday, "death" was unlikely. The country presented a small box to him.

Land Acquisition Responded to Real Estate Speculations. It uses utilization of low demand and is the official mismatch.

– – –

Here is a part of the crime. The intensity of the suppression policy of Mauritius McIrhy, another President, mentioned in the previous columns, is combined with the G20s in Buenos Aires (CABA).

The bulk of the CBS upareadhikkunnatil full, phentambulskas creates exclusion zones, and too many suspended for general traffic, threaten its neighbors, "and they leave it up to the conclave, since the previous Thursday. This will encourage the enemies of the creation of the internal violence. Desarchiva, terrorist groups, or find out, the police and intelligence services Of palancanayirikkum. Manjhi anristral resistance (RAM), defined arajakka to terrorism, and the international NGO,

Researchers – like characters in Fargo, go to suspicious objects like a safe and calm old television set, throwing it right here or there. They exploded a raw grain. One call to a delivery in four pots to ice cream was turned into a call red alert, a person who had worked before the double tower attack.

First of all, the tragic problems, including uniforms, will be deeply touched. They threaten the brutalized terrorists who are spreading arms among the Portuguese. Teaching them has been recharged for extra hours. It was commissioned to the street or toll on the spot … it was disturbed and horrified at the same time. They realize that the authorities will protect them if they are gripped or tortured.

– – –

"Free Media" and "Reasonable Opposition". Editorials from Clarin and La Nasia agreed that the protest was "redefined" when the budget was discussed in the deputy. The "cane" which refers to the dialect of military dictatorship is not critique or illegal. The President of the Senators of the PJ, Miguel Pichetty, gave him a little more moderation. He is "almost resurrected," he recited. In no event, it is called for not to attack the rebels.

These figures show that when the policemen are falling, it is the culprits of the occupying murderers. But statistics do not come up with a specific case. The police's responsibility is one or more limits, the most feasible theory. The main line of research requests for activism from courts and political authorities … Now I'm okay to you.

– – –

Describe the experts considering this newspaper, regardless of plumbing. It is very difficult to check any weapon. It is necessary to make clear that a "turkey" gun is guaranteed to be shot or unofficial, which does not prove innocence in the uniform. The history of decades reveals that many of these weapons are often used as shields, not "left," but many times as footnotes.

Another worker and a popular terrorist were killed. Again, again a bullet. The repeated recurring tactics of the rulers … Oregon's solidarity with the family's solidarity. The need for serious investigation of complexities.

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