Monday , February 6 2023

Online loan companies expect growth in 2019


"At the end of the Macro Economy, we see a risk when we slow or slow down," said bidy group CEO Cricovotus CEO Issiquewel Wiesstabu. "We believe Argentina has great opportunities to understand what financial technology is," he told a press conference.

CreditWays is expected to be the 3rd consumer base by 2019. Its investment portfolio has grown 7 times since 2016. "We hope to start reducing the macro, lowering the rate, job opportunities and eliminating doubts," he said.

On the other hand, Funkundo Vázquez, the director of the BIND Group's company, confirmed that "this crisis is not a good opportunity, it was delayed in 2001, but it did not lend more and now we're not even present in 2001". .

A credit card with over 2,000 ports ports is offering individual loans in shops to purchase 2,500 stores of sewage material. Private loans online.

Vasx explained that they would plan new developments like credit payments button, "ready to go to market, and try it with businesses".

"I can count on the second quarter of next year," he said.
In Tuing, Juan Pablo Bruzo, co-founder of Monte Fintec, said, "Every year has been growing at least three years and this year it will come down."

In the circumstances of Argentina, precautions are not only a need for caution but can understand whether the real economy is going to influence crime.

He said the economic policy "is normally shown to be in the economic system and in the economy of Monieson.
Brosco also mentions the funding: "We started a trust with 100% digital assets, which hit a lot of the market in May, and there are very few trusts since the start of the swirl."

CEO Alberto Garcia CEO of Credo Diary specializes in customer lending through shops, chains and motorcycle agencies, saying: "We see a decline in consumption in the middle of the year, due to the current situation."

But our views in 2019 are positive. At the end of the first quarter it will begin to restart consumption.

"Because we strive to work continuously with businesses and agencies, they are our strategic partners, and our B2C digital platform, which is attractive and easy for consumers, is a competitive and competitive alternative.

Meanwhile, representative of Salvador Calologero, Vivas Fintake, said, "The year is very good, we have increased 90 percent of our debt and 60 percent of our debt."

"Demand is very good, but the financial crisis brings us to foreign investors, and they need a stable macro background," he said.

A group of local cadres are on their way. At present, up to 12,000 pesos will be paid up to 30 days. We hope to start quotas in March and April because the situation improves. "

Verses claim that market capitalization will reduce interest rates due to closure of other channels. The real source of funds from foreign investors comes from resources.

"It's possible that next year will be better," he added, "prepaid in the long term, they are working to create more partners to contact the client with the client."


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