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One of the most terrible earthquakes in the province's history – Buenos Aires in Fukuoka: 11/30/2018

And then, one day the corneban shook. Where the highest density of the population is concentrated, exactly in the south, The land was moved. Millions of Buenos Aires understood it, and the time had come – it reached social networks to express fear, surprises, and insanity.

Indicates a massive social impact One of the most intense three records In the history of the short terrain in the Buenos Aires Province. The team of astronomical observation team in the UNP captured an earthquake at 10.27.44 local station. The earthquake is located in Buenos Aires, about 30 km from La Plata, 3.8 points

The earthquake in Buenos Aires Province

Magnitude has a depth of 3.8 to 25km.

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Source: INPRES Infographics: Clarin

"It is not common to have earthquakes in the Buenos Aires Province, but there is even a second: in 2016 there were two men in the Olavariya area, There was a similar sizeHe said in four points on the scale Clarin, Nora Subbio, responsible for the Department of Faculty of Seismology and Meteorological Information at the University of Astronomy and Geophysical Sciences at UNPL

This was one of the most powerful people in the region. The largest record in the area on the river 5.5 points The Rio de la Plata, which happened in 1888, captured the details of the Sabbians. In November of November 2016, with a similarity to this Friday's festivities, They Nearby background Recorded episodes in river basin.

All the interpretations of the Sabbione work were reviewed at his offices in the Plabennes forest, and there were early consequences for the early earthquake.

A technological explanation of the phenomenon: "This is an intrusion earthquake. Errors are the faulty effects of templates. In this situation, the report was recorded at a depth of 25 km, beyond calling the Earth's crust, Saboubio added.

Source and origin of the movement is tectonic, Or natural. It's not the voice of man, it's not the wind. "The spacecraft has recorded another kind of voice, but our teams are taking over the institute of sociology This is an earthquakeA part of the earth inside. In terms of waves, we can ensure that using waves in form it is possible. There are no human interactions. A natural phenomenon: an earthquake"He again said, no doubt.

It lasted according to our teams More than four seconds. When they are in this small amount, there is no atmosphere. The idea is similar to a rumor or intense sounds or a movement. Four or five seconds later, another "described the UNLP expert.

Such expressions You should not know in advance Because there are no previous hints. That is, they woke up without warning. They are full of fear and sorrow. Other movements, not just people. The Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (35 to 36) took out the body after the movement in the headquarters of the headquarters.

But the sub-rayon guarantees: people do not have risks. "With this intensity No collapse or collapse"In the underlying shock of the earthquake, Greater Buenos Aires is becoming more common.

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