Nvidia A synthetic intelligence was introduced that surprised the processing of the pictures. Do you remember the scripts you made in a fun way? Software, by name Gagan, Can Make simple drawings as authentic photolillist landscapes. It should still indicate that it is still one PrototypeSo they have a margin to improve their performance.

The California-based company is utilizing Opponent Gene Networks (GAN) offer a smart brush. For example, the AI ​​will be responsible for providing a suitable structure for drawing a tree on a mountain. The following video can be viewed in detail in the video and will be required to apply the type of text.

Engineers of the company They used one million Flickr pictures – A Creative Commons license has been provided to train a naval network. Critical Intelligence analyzed what the visible elements in photographs compare with real life objects.

of course, GauGAN requires high performance hardware You can provide instant results. They use it Titan Artex GPUOne of the highest performance graphics cards in the market; Its price is $ 2,499. Nvidia's software is currently working with any GP, Landscape time depends on the power of the computer.

Once you make the necessary improvements, Hegan is part of the Nvidia AIA play playerA platform that provides relief from deep study. They point out that their technology can be applied in the development of videogames to create more "extraordinary environments."

Nvidia knows These kinds of devices can be used for negative purposesHow to create and spread false information? Bryan Catanzosa, Vice President of Applied Research for Deep Learning, said: "We take a lot of attention because we want to be a better place in the world, rather than a problem in technology, it's a question of reliability.