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Nuevo Récord en 2018: The capital of the capital city of Reggio


The principle is defined ¿Qué es la fuga de capitales? Tal's intention is to take a closer look at the aluminum llevándose dólares bolsos al exterior, forma oculta e ilegal. If you do not have a casual look, please click on the form below to create a virtual format The eligibility of the funding of the financial arbitrator is not only the same as a single opera, but it also moves to the city of transport.

It does not include the fact that it is the capital of the capital, which is the capital of the country, and is a member of the Bureau of Enforcement, which enables the divisor of the divisions of the division of the division of the applicants and the circuit bancario. Yes, we are going to have a reckoning of a person who is in the same place as the bancos. You have to do a lot of things that are important to you as a carrier.

La The form of the expense of the private sector is financier, como se denomina oficialmente, is a part of the division of the divisas that is financiero nacional and is popular for the capital of the capital.

Fuga de capitales récord

La salida de dólares del sistema argentino en 2018 fue la más alta desde 2002, con 27.230 millones de dólares al másimo valor desde que el Banco Central present this dato.

Mes Formación de activos externos
Enero 3.124 millones de dólares
Febrero 1.343 millones de dólares
Marzo 2.464 millones de dólares
Abril 2.055 millones de dólares
Mayo 4.616 millones de dólares
Junio 3.074 millones de dólares
Julio 3.351 millones de dólares
Agosto 2.790 millones de dólares
Septiembre 1.979 millones de dólares
Octubre 1.163 millones de dólares
Noviembre 408 millones de dólares
Diciembre 862 millones de dólares
Total 27.230 millones de dólares

In the course of the month, the Mayo, the first of its kind in the preliminary corridor, was queried by many agencies and financiers. If there is a tendency in the face of a woman to recover from el año en el nivel más alto en el registro del Central.

Lo que entro salió

Este año entraron 28 millions of dollars in a boutique with a FM in a city of Banco Central. En mismo año, the balance of the balance is 27.230 millones de dólares. Si bien con la de la préstamos y swaps The balance of the term is the same as the sum of the following: Do you have a question about the future of the FM?

Si analizamos quoted in the divisas of the National Assembly of the Cambias in the Netherlands, 59.328 millones de dólares. With a total of 57.100 millions of dollars in total renewal of the Monetario Internacional. This decree, as part of a division funding division of the Nuclear Supplier, enables 2 milestones to be deployed, has not been included in any terminar for the termination of an organism internship.

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