Tuesday , September 27 2022

Now you can play Fortnite using the mouse and keyboard using Xbox One


Microsoft is releasing the November update, which adds many features to the console.

Microsoft has announced that the update of November 2018 will now be available for Xbox One consoles, which adds many new features that do not specify the ability to play some titles with classic keyboard and mouse combo.

To support the key board and mouse, as declared in X018 in Mexico City, it should be used only for 14 games including Fortnight and Warfream, but other titles will be added to the list.

Most USB keyboard and mouse, including wired and wireless, will be suitable for a contract with official products in December.

Razor Xbox One

In addition, this update also includes some improvements to Cortana and Alexa condition. The Amazon Music app has started in certain areas and has made changes to the search options.

How do you feel, can you use your Xbox One One keyboard and mouse combo?

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