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Nightclubs in the night are busy for 15 days a day


Caller Mobile in Pros, Smoother and complex attraction

The city's artisans open their doors to the end of the supercross of the River Boka

The museum's age is fifteen years old for fun about football. The first match is the celebration.

That's right

Libertador's Cup
. Bochae is located at 17 o'clock in Bokanenera and surrounding the river. After the afternoon, fans are expected to be in the South after 19th of the city.

After 20th the public will be opened to public and public and private museums. It works till 3 in the morning. There are no plans to replace superclassic oriented projects in La Boca. In the model of Alexander calder, Proil is in Free Entry. Usaina Del Dut, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Cinema It is defined that two of the hosts will play in Buenos Aires, as an unusual event. For those who visit La Boca and its surroundings, it will be especially a different night.

New Years have been added every year: in this edition there are more than 280 exhibits in museums, galleries, libraries and cultural centers. 307 more. This is going on in 2017. The public can see important permanent temples displays such as watercakes selection through Turner and Calder N pro in the fan art artefacts. The women, the ingenuity, the gender diversity and the technology were allocated. C3, National Library and Library of Congress will have special instructions for families with children.

The main stop of Art District is to provide guided tours through the programs "Alexander calder, meeting theater" between 19th and midnight. If you do not see the film yet, you will be able to appreciate sixty acts of American painter in six decades. As long as you lose control of the admirers, those who decide to stay in Pro can easily choose cafés under the supervision of de Roca and Buchops and will open the whole night.

Turner Falls: from London Tue to Buenos Aires
Turner Falls: from London Tue to Buenos Aires

From a few blocks, Eusea del Arta inaugurates the "Guerrilla Girls: Art of Bad Conduct". An early breakthrough that includes 30 years of feminist artistship. Next to the Museum of Cinema, the show "Kudrow A Cudro: 101 años de animation animation" continues, a visual journey through the pioneers of the country.

The two exhibitions in the El Maro 1800 exhibitions are: "A Permanent Promise: The Long March of Modern Collection and Nicholas Mastachi, and in the framework of bicycle, something else at the age of 20, at San Juan's 350,
Flâneur de OrioneA video installation of Toya Bonnino. Hear another resident cycle of Mamba [Sonidos visuales], First in the night of the museum. 20+ auditoriums live music and sound in seven hours.

In the Northern Corridor, this year's compulsory stop is fine arts, the ternar provides an unusual sample free. This is not only because the public is waiting for a long time to enter the museum but also because it is the first time the artists' watercovers are displayed in the country. Except Tuesday, you have a sample to pay $ 100. The museum is open on 18th. Between 20:30 and 23:30 there is a great deal of work for the art lovers. The library's guided tour specialist is Alejandra Grinburg. It is located at Malba, where the collection of Latin American art has been exhibited since 1900-1970.

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