Friday , January 27 2023

Night site: Google's phone's incredible night view


Using a new feature Google has updated the camera of their pixel phones: Night Site, incredible night vision mode, it allows you to take photos without the light, does not need a flash or triangle.

In the context of computational photography, the bar raises the end of the technological giant. Knight's site uses a combination of photos taken at very short intervals, with the slow shutter speed, processing them down, the quality and quality of the image has never been seen.

Google takes advantage of the device by taking pictures with the device while taking low light photographs using photography's very long photos and lengthy photos.

The golden exporter's photos of the frequent photographs of the night site are rewriting into a single image using the artificial intelligence developed by the company. This is an evolution of the HDR + process used in the pixel camera, along with some updates.

Using this mode, Google offers to take photos between 3 lux and 0.3 lux. Technically, "lux" is technically the amount of light that reaches a surface in a unit area measured in a square meter in square meter.

What's 0.3 laks? The company says that the level of lighting is too low, finding the keys to the level of light at the level of the keys is difficult to find.

Verge explains, Google tonight vision calculates a ton mushroom before you take a picture. Using a company calling a moving motion, pixel takes into account its motion (or a bit), the amount of light to determine how long the movement of objects in the field is going to be exposed and how long it will last. .

In most cases, night vision takes 6 seconds and 15 frames to take a picture. If the phone is still quite still, then if the exposure is fixed in a couple of seconds, or hold second in a second.

That means that you will get 6 seconds exposure on the device with a tripod, or keep it on the phone or 15 smaller exposures, all of which will be returned to the final photo.

"Knight's site does not take big light photographs, but it's fun to use because it takes photographs in situations where you can not see it," says the blog's technical gravity.

"While the dark is dark, an icon appears on the screen indicating that it gets better picture with the night site, but after sunset or limiting such cases, music or town does not limit the scenes at night, it makes pure photos (low noise), shimmering than reality, If done well, it seems magical, "he says.

Knight site is available across the entire range of Google Pixel phones. The XDA developer forum was able to install it on other devices.

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