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Negligence and accident: 13-year-old girl pregnant for the last five days


Wednesday afternoon, Piraeont Hospital, Witch's baby died

The death of the 13-year-old whip baby is unexpected

, Malnutrition, bleeding and pregnant pregnancies 30 weeks have changed the state of the poor in the nation's poorly-born. How long have you been able to rebuild in the last five days to 15.30?

That boy
About 715 people were living in the residency in Los Angeles, 600 kilometers away from Resistency. From today till 714. This area is part of the Guamese Department, known as the irrelevant chacko.

Ananthan's mother who died many years ago from a respiratory illness was a 17 year old teenager at the age of 11. Two years later she was pregnant.

During the six months of pregnancy, there was a first relationship with health care because she was cough and cold. Last Friday, Elizhto City was known as the Head of the City, and Mother had a dispensary in the future.

There was a nurse. The juice was found at Jose Therapy's Hospital, the headquarters of the Guimas Department. They knew that 30 times a week (more than 6 hours) were conceived. They also found that he had malnutrition, anemia, and serious lung disease.

The picture was complicated. They immediately decided to enter the Pediatric Hospital

. That's a new temporary stop. The last nine years he lived with a young man and called his "husband". At that time filed a complaint against the child abuse.

"Laciana Ensisa, an Integral Health Provincial Coordinator in a Pediatrician and Chaco Youth, said LA Nawin," The girl is not deciding to have sex with a girl at the start of her relationship, because she does not go to school and is not in school, and she does not know what's missing.

Chacko demanded more than 8 hours to reach the capital 600 km away. It was renamed at the Children's Hospital. The result: she was a very serious patient. The pregnant child's pregnant women have interacted with the gynecology section of the hospital. The story repeated, a new derivatives, at this time in the same city. That was the last.

At Prerodo Hospital, she decided to be admitted to intensive care, as a result of primary consultation, mechanical ventilation was established due to a respiratory infection. Tuberculosis is suspected, but the results of the analysis will take you next week, the baby is already dead.

Only medical treatment was initiated there. The result is a progressive multi-organ failure. He always needed mechanical ventilation, but he was not able to abandon the complex frame.

On Tuesday, 6th it was decided to interrupt the pregnancy due to the risk of the fetus and the baby-mother's commitment. That morning the baby was born. He weighed 30 weeks and weighed 1300 grams. The baby was pregnant with premature birth. He died in the newborn child care ward at Perindo Hospital. Child's grandmother and 15-year-old aunt heard the news. She did not know.

In the aftermath of Caesarean's childhood, the child remained a multi-organ failure on a brilliant counter-attack. A few hours later a fire broke out at 3:30 pm on November 7 at 3:30 pm. The infant died of multigenous viruses with early diagnosis of severe anemia, persistent malnutrition, severe pneumonia and breathing.

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