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NASA Space Experiment

CLPS missions will be part of the agency's deepest space. NASA expects to fly each year for the next 10 years, hoping to fly next year. It is not yet clear what kind of equipment can be sent by NASA. The first call for instructions in the first week or months is to come out.


This space complex and a space flight never include a spacecraft. Brillinstein's CLPS missions sometimes Bridenstein admits that they do not have a "soft" landing on the Moon's surface.

"This is a venture capital effort," he told the media. "At the end of that day the risk is high, but the return on minimum investment is very high."

"This is a great test," said Associate Administrator for Science Thomas Sabarvaran.

Brunendinstein also said that traditional and middle class and large-scale missions would follow the relatively small and cheap payments distributed through the CLPS program.

US President Donald Trump sent the moon to American astronauts for his rule. By the end of December, Obama's Space Policy Directorate 1 suggests NASA to cooperate with the private sector.

The US spacecraft did not land on the moon after the final Apollo mission in 1972. It was 50 years since a robot mission was sent to the surface of the moon. NASA was shocked by scientists by canceling the Resource Prospector Mission. Currently, the American Zindabad Rover is being developed.

However, other countries explore the only natural satellite on earth. 4 and 5 missions of China's chain, a rover in the moon, and the return of rock samples from the surface are expected to begin next year. India and Israel begin the lunar year next year.

Notre Dame Lunar Geometric Clive Neil, chairman of the Emeritus chapter of the independent Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, is alert to the possibility of science at the CLPS program. Resource Prospector's mission canceled Many emissaries are disappointed – "I am still there," Neil said.

However, when the partnership with the Aerospace industry is available, he assumes that the moon will become more accessible. On Thursday, Zurbuchen said the NASA's mission to explore the Moon will remain at a mobile lunar laboratory.

NASA said it was only one of the many customers who provide commercial spacecraft. Corruption to the Moon – perhaps an academic or another company – must reduce costs.

CLPS announcement is to ensure the safety of NASI and its major private partners Spice X and Boeing. The two companies tried to attract space missions to the International Space Station to develop space vehicles, but the deal was canceled. The founder of the founder Elon Musk took the hit of Marijuana and sprayed the whiskey in a podcast and spatially explored the space X. There is no company among CLPS eligible for qualification.

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