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NASA: "I do not see marijuana in Elon Musk Street"

In an interview in September, Elin Musk "Marijuana or Smoker" may not be seen publicly in a survey. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein quoted from The Atlantic Daily.

In a conversation with American comedian Jo Roe in September, the founder of Space X and Tesla, He drank the whisperer, and even smoked the companionship of Maruñoon Tobacco Resources This conversation was recorded on the Internet for a podcast of comedy. In general, there has been a huge controversy in the American society.

"It's not convenient, does not reflect self confidence, and it's an example of what to do when leaders of these outfits lead an organization that deploys American space realities," Bridenstein said. "He is so Security has been fixed Like any one, it will be realized that it is not the right behavior and will see it again. "

The space agency has ordered re-examining the culture and security of the workplace at Boeing and Space X. NASA has been designated a two-space probe for the space traveler to take them to the International Space Station.

There is an agreement The total value of $ 6.8 billion Both companies would "perform an event to win a work force without alcohol and drugs".

First security

Bridenstein is a decision to ensure that these companies will not suffer Accidents caused by accidents Security at work, stress, long time

According to Brucestine, due to the pressure of the Musk Marijana incident, the public was shocked by public pressure and transparency that it was transparent to transparency.

But before Muscie publicly praised his work, NASA officials said Atlanta's culture was a cultural and security appraisal in his agenda. This material is now illegal in California, where Rogan is in his podcast movies, but it is also Bordenstein More about the drugs like cocaine and the use of opiates The fate of Boeing and Space XX employees will seriously affect the job performance.

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