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NASA Fermi Space Telescope data increases the star of the universe

NASA's Fermi Gamma Rice Space Telescope has provided the information used to measure its universe, which was created more than 90% of history. Scientists working in the project have used galaxy ria for the evaluation of stars from remote galaxies. This is the first time researchers measure all the stars based on the history of the observable universe.

The researchers worked with colleagues to analyze the telescop data of post doctoral researcher Marco Azaleo, post doctorate researcher at the Chomson University College of Science. When 90 percent of the history of the universe examined the history of star formation, the brightness of the stars relative to the 4 × 10 ^ 84 particles.

Speaking of research, Ajel said:

The information collected using the Fermi telescope could measure the entire light emitted ever. This has never happened before. Most of these galaxies are also exposed to galaxies. Hence, the universe has enabled us to better understand the evolutionary process and to help us understand how the universe made its intentions of love.

Despite the large number of photons, the Earth from the Sun still receives the majority of its light from the vast size of the universe. A star that reaches the Earth from beyond our galaxy is likely to be 60 millimeters telescope. With a dark night sky, small stars and small stars that appear from far away.

NASA explains how the pharmacy works. Why researchers can analyze the analysis of the star of the universe. "The study of galaxies has been studied and studied by previous galaxies," the space agency said.

Future research is finding research to help.

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