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NASA: Easter stages of a stadium on good Friday

NASA has revealed that a big giant rock, like a football stadium, grows in size on a good Friday.

This asteroid is called 522684 (2016 JP). The planet is at 11 o'clock in the morning.

Because of its size and orbit, it & # 39; s risky & # 39; Is considered.

It is located in a 360 meter wide area. There are about 4.5 million miles.

This asteroid does not affect the earth – it's beautiful (photo: the Gate)

NASA said: "An object with a size greater than 150 meters approaching the Earth in 4.6 million miles is considered dangerous.

Scientists have predicted that the Earth would have a difficult time to destroy a Dummies space rock.

Scientists used computer simulations to determine when an asteroid had taken place.

A big impact is the harmful & # 39; faulty tapping of the city property & # 39; Not found, but leave it in the & # 39; Important power & # 39;

The discovery of how our species deals with the threat of giant space shuttles will have a big impact.

NASA's copyed image is the launch launch site. Shutterstock Id 258104936; purchase order: -

A few years ago, we have often been influenced by small asteroids, like the Kleibensk program, "says Ramesh of KT Jones Hopkins University.

"It's only a matter of time before these questions from the academic field to determine our response to a major threat.

"At that time, we must have a good idea what to do, and scientific efforts to help us make these decisions is decisive."

If an asteroid suddenly appears on the horizon, the scientists are now trying to do.

What happens if the latest research breaks the asteroid of one kilometer of a radius of less than 25 km, is just as easy as killing the earth.

Millions of crevices formed and dissolved into whole of the asteroid [larger] Flowed like sand, causing a crater.

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But then, an asteroid collided with a strong force. Because it has not been completely damaged, it requires more energy to destroy the asteroids & # 39; That is.

This means it's very difficult to climb the place and climb an asteroid, and the apocalypse moves us to take on different strategies to save our species from space rocks.

"Science can be like fiction, but research will be very much fragmented," said Charles El Mir, a researcher who wrote a research paper.

For instance, if there is an earth asteroid, can we cut it into smaller pieces or navigate to another direction?

Secondly, how much power should it be used to remove it without breaking it? It is under consideration.

The research was done by NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute.

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