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NASA astronauts will land on Mars [Ciencia] – 11/25/2018


United States On November 26, an Insight spacecraft will prepare for soft landing on the surface of Mars. Scientists now observe NASA's new orbital object.

Thomas Saabuchan, associate administrator of the Directorate of Scientific Mission at the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, said: "Mars is hard to reach and it needs skill.

On the first mission to deep internal study of Mars, Vandenberg withdrew from Air Force Base in Central California on May 5.

It is estimated that at least 19,800 kilometers per hour is reached into the atmosphere. Speeding down to eight km per hour. Three legs before touching the soil of the red planet.

Lorry Glace, Acting Director, Planetary Science Division at NASA's headquarters said. & # 39; Red Planet & # 39; Was launched in the spacecraft. Its equipment is also deployed. Its deep internal structure will help you understand the formation and evolution of all the rocks.

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