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NASA & # 39; Troubleshooting & # 39; Double bird found in glazier hold hoop's size

Climate change saves damage on the corners of the earth. A large number of scientists in the Antarctic Tivite Glacier discovered a two-thirds of the Manhattan region that has grown ice for decades.

The bottom of the glacier flattened at the bottom of the Florida-sized ice. It was at the top of the 1,000 feet high. Scientists have said in a study published Wednesday. Science Advances. The researchers are NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, University of California Irwin, German Aerospace Center and France University Grenoble Alps.

From 1992 to 2017, NASA's Operation Eyedridge reported the spinel roder projects.

The radar scientist and chief researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pieto Millo, called it "disturbing discovery".

"This hole is so huge that it has 14 billion tons of ice," Millilo said. "These numbers are comparable to a human level of water consumption in Los Angeles city of 1 billion tons a year."

Tiwite Glacier shooting in Antarctica.

Tiwite Glacier shooting in Antarctica. Picture: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Anthikad's researchers have been known for decades of weak ground in Thwaite. However, previous models have doubted the density and reminder of the precious stones.

The National Science Foundation estimates that sea level increases to 10% globally. If the springs are completely melted, the oceans of the world will rise to about two feet.

The easing of ice loss is simple. Antarctic glaciers are often very large and are quite isolated to measure precisely from the ground.

Instead, a planet with ice-irrigating radar to observe the moon used a satellite, the moons, and the heavens. This was revealed by "various mechanisms of reaction", Milo said.

The study found that if the glacier had been hit by the western front, the tiger's spot on the Continental Shelf ranged from 1992 to 0.4 to 0.5 million a year.

The wheel remains as the hole rises; The more water and the heat gets trapped in the snow, the faster it melts. In the last three years, 14 billion tonnes of ice disappeared.

On the east, timbers are shaped by tiny channels, like the iceberg heated to the bottom of the roller from the bottom, "Milo explained, from 0.4 mile per year to 0.8 miles per year from 2011 to 2017. However, the Thwaites are still faster than the Eastern Fluid).

A lot of objects are lagging. Landscapes, thin glaciers, temperature and salt water oceans. "The ice-cream relationship is more complex than previously understood," Millio said.

American and British scientists have explored the Tuiwaki five years, trying to get to know more about the possibility of rising sea level in recent years.

Robert Larter, the British Antarctic Survey, said, "This is the question we are asking about the thesis."

The lubricants are connected to the western Antarctic ice sheet. This is a loss of ice at an extraordinary rate. Special research has shown that large researchers can not "recover", especially the western Antarctic ice sheets, which can increase the global ocean level by 10 feet.

Milo is expecting a new generation of satellites to provide more accurate and more accurate measurements in Antarctica and Greenland.

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