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Multiple sclerosis: Use aspirin to reduce the intensity of symptoms

Aspirin, which is used in low quantities, will reduce the hardness Symptoms and abnormalities in the immune system A study conducted with the study of multiple sclerosis patients showed.

According to research done by aspirin of laboratory elizabeth, the intensity of symptoms decreases, Maliness's messiness ("White matter"), and prevented the infiltration of the cells in the spine. "The drug version of the drug is applied as a dose and the amount of aspirin applied to the mice.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can affect over 2.3 million people. Mayin will lose a protein in the nervous system Responsible for pushing electronic inspiration and saving neurons.

The FIG University of Rush (Chicago) This is an unusual result of normal medicine, usually used to relieve pain.

With a small amount, aspirin was able to stimulate the production of good cells for nerve transition, The deadly cells (trag) "Attacking the nervous system, lowering the mile reaction and causing the imbalance that causes multiple sclerosis symptoms."

The science group led by Susantha Mandal points to the protection of aspirin and its simple administration. So it is "A helpful therapy"For patients with multiple sclerosis and other auto ammonia disorder patients who handle the same trek cells.

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