Thursday , June 8 2023

Motor, Yamaha and Fiat cars are noticed


The office, which relies on the country's internal trade secretariat, was reported for motorcycle sales Yahama XTZ 125 "The fuel tank detected the engine serial numbers 029101 and 030700 "You can get an open speed faster than the standard you can make during" quick break breaking of the unit. "

yamaha xtz 125.jpg

Yamaha XTZ 125

Yamaha XTZ 125

As the owner of the vehicle, the company said, "it will make a change in the tank of the tank that's fueled by its dealer network at the end of it," the company said.

For cars Kronos and Argo Both of these are from the government agency related to FIAT company A mistake was found in welding in intermediate shuffle at the electrical steering column. These are unstable by the skill and steering control over uncontrolled level control of the vehicle's motion, increasing the likelihood of collision, and expose the driver and passengers as per chance.

fiat cronos.jpg

Fiat Kronos.

Fiat Kronos.

In the same sense, customers have suggested that customers contact a brand's dealership, require a shift and then inspect the units.

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