Tuesday , January 26 2021

More than 60000 children are still injected with drugs and robotic ammonia. Two days left – 11/28/2018

National observation campaign against Meissles and Rubella will end tomorrow. About 600,000 children from 13 months to 4 years do not get an extra dose of a triple viral vaccine. Free and compulsory All hospitals in health centers.

According to the Ministry of Health's last report, they applied for eight weeks 2,194,569 2,817,000 doses were planned Goal The population 78% of the project expected to be at the start of the campaign was around 78% (approximately 80% in a month). So the health of the child strengthens children to call them children.

The city and the provinces of Buenos Aires are Jupiter. This is 72% and 66%. That's it to say In the capital they continue to have a vaccine in three of the three children in a province. Other countries have already crossed 80%, except Tierra del Fuego (74%) and Santa Cruz (76%). Juke Juice, Corrientes and Chaco are already 95% (the jujuy is just about 99%).

"The immunization immunity is important to identify all the actions and sacrifices that have developed self-sacrificing attitudes in all the jurisdiction of the country, as this would indicate Strong work"Said head of the Department of Control of the Immorro Retractable Diseases (DCI) Cristian Biscayat, who" admitted those who had given the children the power to vaccinate. Because they knew it The importance of this dose of vaccine is very important"If it does not emphasize it, it is essential for those who have not taken these days to get more coverage than it is today."

Do not open vaccinations on Friday at Buenos Aires City On the last day of the application in the Buenos Aires area tomorrow, during the G-20 summit,

As confirmed Clarin Promotion programs from the Ministry of Health will not be extended. However, once the strategies are finalized, children will be monitored in each province. With high density, tourism, low coverage and implementation Risky measures Defend those who are not vaccinated in these two months.

The campaign has been operating within four years to eliminate Meisles and Rubba in the country. An extra dose is applied to the viral triple vaccine independent of the calendar – 13 months to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days for all children. Therefore, vaccinated babies do not have enough care to protect the vaccine (which is considered to be no 10% and it is necessary to prevent the immune system).

In the last two campaigns, in 2014 and 2009 it was 82% and 98% respectively.

This vaccine will be free in all health centers and public hospitals in the country. Without immunosuppressed children, no medical order requested. Private vaccines are a part of the strategy (the credential for the social process or the prepaid cover on that center).

Immunization is essential to 95% of the vaccine Restructuring of the fifth phase in the country should be avoided. In the last area of ​​2000, the case was reported. This year, it has been ordered to issue 14 cases. According to the Pan America Health Organization, there were 8,091 infections and 85 infections in 11 countries. Over the last year, Venezuela has been the most affected. Brazil is also the next US.

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