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Monthly local ADRs are closed: Galicia is the best; You are the worst

They are located in the positive areas The number of ADGs of the Galicia group has increased by 20.4% per month. Loma Negra (18.1%), Edinor (+ 13.4%) and Murkoto Libre (+ 8.5%).

On the other hand, The biggest floods in November are Tenaris-16.8% and ternis (-8.9%), His performance was influenced by the prosecution of his president Paulo Rocca for reasons of notebooks.

Wallster's main indexes rose. According to US trade representative Robert Lotherre, You may be surprised if Saturday's dinner between Tram and the Tribe was not a success.

Conflicting titles on the commercial dispute shook the market two days before the G-20 meeting in Argentina.


The Merval Index will not work on Friday due to the holidays set up by the National Administration of Buenos Aires to organize G-20 Presidents.

It was 6.75 per cent in November. The total revenue rose by 1.1 per cent to 31,482.59 in the last month ending last month.

This month has acted in best performances The Galicia Group (+ 22.4%), Edener (+ 18.9%), Banco Francis (+ 13.6%), Supervisor (12.7%).

On the other hand, he died Tenaris (-11.2%), Cablevision (-8%), Petrobras Brazil (-7.3%).

In November, Merlwal posted a profit of 7.4 percent and 1.9 percent, according to Porfolio Personal Inventions.

In the fixed income division, the bond Index created by the Argentine Capital Markets Institute improved by 1.97%, mainly due to better performances of coupons in relation to GP's decline, as of November, a 32.63% increase.

Eight per cent in Pampa Erghee on Wall Street and Transdado Gas del Sura (4.67%), Gruppo Super Servie + 3.95%.

On the local level, after a month's end of 2018, the Marvel Index of Buenos Aires Stock Market increases 4.71%.

In the last eleven months, the Tennessee leadership was 61.05 percent. In the second place, Transpodora Gas del Sur (46.03%), Aluwar (+ 41.98%), Wipf + 34.48%.

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