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Monongo: It's a miraculous museum offering a museum


Dutch in the Mendo

Acquisition of the new American American Museum Museum, there are two reasons: Juliana LaFiit, Manuel Mendahan, and Monongo. A thick volume lays the glass covered in the details and ideas of his work. The Polycoco di Buenos Aires, which was built from 2013 to 2017, was donated by an American businessman to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. 31 Bulls who show off 3.41×4.31 m will show you a artist in a hotel room at the same hotel. It is a pianofalic creature (their daughter, writer Enrique Fogwell, critic, poet Kevin Power etc).

Curated by Latin American art, Mary Carmen Ramiras was the director of the Latin Museum Art Museum in Houston Museum. "In 2010, we started the first work, the skill # 4, the Arts talk and other collectors were interested," he said. We also participated in the charity auction, in the LACMA Pacific Standard Time Project, last year. Home Politician de Buenos Aires gave a special place, which is one of the public's favorites, and now we have taken it for the museum and will be shown in March in the new premiere show March. It is constructed by a third museum building. The permanent galleries of American art from Latin will be in 2020. Barney, Massey, Noi, de We're a big group of Argentinean artists. "

Another model of the art of the group
Another model of the art of the group

This was after Bernie's big work at Politici, a powerful figure in the Los Angeles Museum. At one point I will be shooting Burnie, "said the author of the new book Hector Olia:" The Latine American Art of America's Digital Archive Editor, Hector Olia, says: "You can see it from the same family. Directed by Ramirez (he is married). There are more than 12,000 records recorded by the intellectual review of Latin American artists, and there are 2000 documents dedicated to artists in Argentina, "says Ramirez, which is free of charge at

In detail

From a height up to 7 mm, at a height of 2 m, there is a texture that is very close to: Mahatma Gandhi's plastic portrait. But his face is another form, coppa-damas and Japanese mythology. Another thing: In the third sight he captures Guevara's character. The Mondongo sculpture is covered by the entire surface of the sculpture. Each character has more characters and stories. The Argentine social realities, a mixture of oligarchs, declare: "Montejo's work has been working for years, it is anti-commercial and contradicting the contemporary world."

Therefore, a book that translates his work for twenty years, "Montagu explained in detail". He also found the subtleties of Hitler, Chaplin, Bin Laden, Albert Einstein, and Albert Einstein in the sculpture in front of televised television with their pants in a scratch centimeter in the century. The godfather is the lower part known as the godfather in the Martin brand. Carnival recognizes Dopailestan. In the same square, the ratzinger takes off the head of a frond. It's Borges's knees. "It's a detailed, but you go into detail, you can die, you have thousands of narratives that are destroying the workplace," says Olea.

The book was edited by the Institute for Studies in Latin American Art (ISLAA, a summary in English). Along with Olia, Mexican architect, writer and curator, read a text that reflects the vast analysis of the Monongoan work. Theodor also approached Adorno's theories and Jack Ranciera. This raises conversations between the writer and the artist. "There are so many common sentiments of art theory that lead to very concrete issues in Argentina, and there is a lot of mixed language registers," says Alya.

Question book
Question book

Not only collective compositions in the pictures, the entire world of a movie like Roberto Jackie, reads, "It will not die in a guerrilla, but it hangs the wall". The details of the sea are added in the sense of plastic acts: one square millimeters in square 12, in the chair of Rivadavia, with the two pits of Luzio Fondana. "It's an infinite journey," Aulia says.

"We work out the work in this book because we have to prepare a reasonable catalog in every category we've done," Mendel said. Three years of work asked for work. The Orissa day maroon days were observed every hour of every day in the country. "It prompted us to think of our theories. Every day, we are doing it from the more bubbly and spontaneous place. We gave our jealiyekkuricculla we do not have the knowledge of these three years of work, it is very close to twenty years of activity. The study is an in-depth study of the laphirr Say" South Africans. "The contribution of this book is going to work for the best, which is a great quality of detail, every one has a suggestion, an appointment, a position, and descriptions," says Reiterres.

The page turns out, the Mondongo Teatro Colón experimental room is a process of creating a performance. "We're going to call living pictures," Lafitt says. However, the soil, like plastic, thread, oil painting, etc. A middle class workshop with no end.

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