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Microsoft's office icons will be restarted and will change in Windows 10


Microsoft Each icon in the office and its operating system is refreshed. In the case Office, The icons have been renewed five times in the past century, usually with each major update. This year's end is filtered by the company intrusive changes in its presentation Windows 10 For Design of icons That indicates.

The office revives its symbols after the last five years

This is one Design change is the most anticipated Everything, Microsoft has been four years since the design of the Icons designs (between 2003 and 2007). Now, this change comes After the last five yearsOffice was presented in 2013. The company has decided to make these changes to create the design More simple and unified, It makes our day better.

Add new icons to new perspectivee is a three-dimensional item, Make changes Fluent Design Microsoft introduces its products; PowerPoint graphics, xcel cells, or lines in words, especially in Windows 10, make it more clear or create an application for each suite.

Office 365 not only: Windows 10 will update its icons

These new symbols will be brought to different editions of different offices. Interesting is how it looks in the presentation video New icons are also available in Windows 10, It simplifies the form of elements like that Calendar, file explorer, calculator or mail app.

The FIG Minimalism The major software companies tend to follow their products. In complex logos, Google, eBay, Microsoft and Airbnb make the company even more simpler to make it simpler and simpler. This new icon design follows that path.

These new office iconsThis is available in Office 365You will arrive with all the devices you can install the office. Introduction Windows 10, Microsoft has not provided any details, but it's possible that new icons are nearby April 2019 update, Or not later The end of next year. In fact, the latest Build 18290 insiders, the company initiated to introduce fluent design changes in the Start menu.

Written by Alberto Garcia

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