Friday , June 9 2023

Messea Siro is the first smartphone without buttons or ports


There is no port for fresh mezu Sura.

Many people are concerned about removing the frames of the screen. Messiji has seen this trend by creating problems with their phones panel, and looks forward to going further: all the ports and buttons for your new smartphone, speaker slots,

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Xiaomi is the original phone to return: here you will have great detail in the video

Samsung announced the launch of its Galaxy Note in November.

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This is also the first phone that not only has headphone port but also the charging port. Meizu Zero The only way to wire battery charging is to use the wireless charging base. But when the battery's battery calls for, the phone's speed will be disappointed. The 18W Wireless Charging Capacity, the fastest smartphone in this category now.

Without a USB port, all data and files that you want to send to your phone will be via Wi-Fi or mobile data network. You may be concerned if you have at least one SIM card slot. The operator uses one of the new eSIM. For its speakers, it uses technology that allows it to rebuild sounds from the back of the screen.

Its screen is 5.99 inches. There are two small minor problems with the microphone. It is a ceramic structure that is resistant to water and dust. The touch button also has 12 + 20MP dual cameras for the icon that transforms the traditional physical button.

So far, the price and launch date is unknown, but it will always be black and white. [vía Android Authority]

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