Friday , January 27 2023

Mendoza opens the door again and again


In the midst of the controversy surrounding the suspension The last of the Copa Libertadores between the river and the BovineThe reason for public notifications Mendocious governmentShe also participated in the discussion.

Governor Alfredo Cournova's Twitter account, The province's encouragement for the bahish-searching, which relied on the past priorities of the class that argued in the Argentinean Malvinas.

Cornelius message

"I suggest you play the final match of Mantosella of @ Komabelle @ Tano Anchalis, @ Reddolado, or Mendoza, the same as that will happen in Buenos Aires, only this can be done to ensure a public gathering of the river." P. The story started from Mendoza's Security Ministry, Geneiani Weni's network. In his little bird account, the hashtag "Supercontin Mendoza # Ryerbokka" was published.

Yesterday, before the Governor's statement came At Mendoza's headquarters, Ubiapiano Suarez, under secretary general of the public management of the state, published: "The final form of libertodores for Mendorra is an event for this program."

Now you have to wait for tomorrow's meeting Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, Daniel Alicissi, Alejandro Domingues, owner of Compol, What's going to happen and if this movement is going to happen in our province?

Nestor Majul Kornova, the director general of the Institute of Relations with Security Ministry, confirmed the message.Speaking of playing at a neutral stadium, we can make national and international shows so that the rivalry between Mendoza and Biju can be done, "he said.

"Argentine played for the qualifying tournament against Uruguay, where he is in the Argentine super Cup final between River and Boca, the other final of the Argentine Cup final, the Boca-Rosario Central. We can say we are worthy to conduct such events, "he added, adding:" If we decide to change the background they think Mendoza is likely to do so. "

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