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"Maybe I've missed a chance to secure the future of my family" – El Cidadoana newspaper, the region

After the exchange of the Independence Exchange by the Central Executive Committee Fernando Samfradi, the striker issued a sharp statement in which he addressed Career fans and said that "the future is not secure"

"Central to this action is dismissed. Yesterday (Wednesday) I went and spoke to the leaders of klablilekk considering the possibility to improve my contract. I explained the idea of ​​atisthanamakkiyullatanenn the financial issue regarding my transfer. The answer has been lost: I am not eligible to claim any compensation. Now, they see that the cancellation of debt in my hand. MNS I'll ask you deserve a reward, "Sampras shot in this statement.

"I am a person, not one," warned the assailant. "The players who have been stressed on clubs have been questioned many times and I have not done it, and may have missed a chance to make my family's future secure." In football, that is a law: good attitude is the symptoms of weakness, "he said.

A calculation of events has also been recorded in the cultural system. "Since January 3, the Independent has started discussions on renting me, offering a transfer to the center and my employer to the employer." While my pay increases are very important, I have learned that the central position is trusted and trusted, "he said. "Until Tuesday, I have never spoken to pressure myself from the central leaders, and I was utterly full of humor and professionalism in honoring the institution," Eli Toro said.

He went on to give details of the dialogue: "The central leaders first rose to a position of $ 3 million, and the Independent's first proposal was $ 1.5 million, which I had given my partnership to abandon the club and the debts with me, and 2.8 million after the week's negotiations."

Thanks to the Central, he admitted, "My family is the first one." I am a professional footballer. I had a dream to get big football a few years ago. Within two weeks, I am 31 years old. I'll have a family for some years trying to secure our future, "he said.

Central was always grateful, "he said." There is no better way to show gratitude to all the trials and crushing my soul in all the matches. I try to be an infiltrator. "

The empire is not undemocratic. "Central is a great institution, but it is not my home, my mother or my life, I'm a professional and I make decisions based on a reward for work, but I'm not the one who's in my life to make my family's financial future in just a few years of my life Ana to play Vadikkukayan, "he said.

"If all this does not affect my performance, I know that I am the main victim, and for all my belongings, for my family, I'm sure, because I am a professional, it's okay to my employer, and my colleagues Support Subsequently, a technical team. Naturally, for the fans, this sanghattanattineatulla neglect. I will be training again tomorrow (Friday). I think Saturday will get a chance encounter in the court. I will always be the best time to save this institution, "he said.

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