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Masada's husband suggested shedding weight and defended him


"I thought I was very funny", even though Alejandro Gavourre later bothered her after she gave birth to her, "Although he is not a dictator,

Masada's husband suggested shedding weight and defended him

Valaria Massaza: From the low profile to the storm / net of the eye

Valeria created a career far away from massage scams: a high-profile model, a lack of national trouble, always maintaining the style and retaining its elegance. Until far: Last week he added a controversial controversy to his statement. We tried to "speak PH" on Saturday.

Firstly, Valeria talked of feminism. Although they believe that women are fighting for their rights for years inequality, "I do not want women to lose feminism in this fight, because we are not equal, so we do not have to embrace the same place as a human being.

In the days of the killing on Twitter, Mistry has been invited to the Legendan program. Massa talked about her husband Alejandro Grevri's requests, and four pregnancies and controversies took place. "I showed you a picture earlier, right? Asked the goddess. She replied forcefully, laughing and said: "Yes, dumb, dam!"

"It was so beautiful because" I laughed "because it caused this weekend to reduce the number of decibels in the" ph speech "as" I can talk ". I think it's funny. Then click on the & # 39; Gravier Swan & # 39; After that, that's not the case.

"I enjoyed my pregnant wallet and I got pregnant 20 kg, and I got pregnant, so I went back to work and my job was three years: I took a long time to get back to work, and I did not ask for anything from me, "He explained Loved.

The driver asked, Andy Kusnetzoff, if she had depression after delivery, the model replied: "Yes, but poorly I was home with people about five days after the birthday and they said," It's all hormones, everything is good. Aljandro said: # 39; s done, nothing happens & # 39; s.

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