Friday , September 30 2022

Mars Express is a massive earthquake in Mars


The FIG European Space Agency (ESA, with its English abbreviation), published an image of the Marshole of the Kirovv crater.

This is a sad thing 80km wide Frost, located in the north of the red planet, consists of latitudes and ice sheets At a depth of 1.8 km Every year

That mass It did not melt During the summer of summer, creating a large ice plain & # 39; cold trap & # 39; The sky rises above the sky, it produces and forms it & # 39; Cold Shield & # 39;, According to the SSA.

The snapshot will have several pictures Mars Express, The space agency began 15 years ago and seized five different overflows. Thus, this combination area and its surroundings help to get a more complete view from different angles.

The so-called Correlation Crater was named Sergi Coraliyov, who led the Soviet space program. The first planet and first humans were sent to space.

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