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Marino Martinez explained why he thought Lali Escoscope was a paradox – 31/01/2019

By the end of 2016, it was a virus that spread virus over networks. That year was an audio Mariano Martinez (40) It was severely criticized Lali Esposito (27) were arrested.

"This is a bad girl, bad guy, bad girl, bad girl, bad girl", Says a WhatsApp sound message, which lasted for 16 seconds.

Now sit on the floor Wrong (United States, 4.30), the actor asked about the controversial statement. Subsequently, he again asked for forgiveness and explained why he said that.


"I'm not very happy to talk about it. It was a private audio, and it was just a moment I had a very special moment with someone in privacy. This is not good I was wrong I do not think or think, "Martinez began his story.

He said: "That was not a violent one," he said. Moriah CassanBicycler's driver, something in private. This was a momentous blow with someone in my privacy. I was wrong and everyone else, I remember very well, "began his strip recording about his love affiliates with Lali My hopeIt was broadcasted on the screen of L Trees in 2015.

Lally and Marion have a couple up until 2016.

Lally and Marion have a couple up until 2016.

Larry and Santiago Mokharia are in love with Martinez Kamila Cavallo two years ago. Wrong.


"I'm human, I have good intentions … I'm sorry if I fall in love and make mistakes. I do not like anyone who likes me. "He concluded:" I apologize from the person I asked if I was hurt. "

In detail, that audio (which does not yet know who sent so far): "I have read a little bit of it there, but you can not hook, it will happen to all my friends. Lalik is even more pronounced, do not let her fall"The actor was told in the beginning, that Martinez was the most controversial part of the message to the virus when she was trying to" harass "singer and singer.


As soon as the viral went away, Lali did not accept the interpreter to his Twitter profile from fans, so he went out of the social network and asked him to apologize. "If I say something bad, is it hot enough? Well, what's the luck? Yes, that's me. I do not think anyone's or me are wrong"He wrote.

"I do not like aggression I'm more clear than saying that it is happiness and anger"He confirmed that it was the audio itself and shut down:" I repeat it again. Sorry this will happen. "

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