Friday , January 27 2023

Mariano Yudacris kept silent after denying Carla Condée


After the strong opposition of Denis Dumas, the eye of the ordinary storm stopped. The driver revealed that she was alive A "dirty episode" Both worked as a co-worker at IDEAS del Sur. In Channel 9's view, the husband and the campaign "have almost become a milestone in finding out the details of the dispute between them.

The driver was stabbed by the driver for a few hours. "There was not a dirty episode with Mariano Yudaki. He submitted it. The word episode is too small. Besis, "he wrote on his Twitter account.

In an interview conducted after the AM 1100, Lowe Dice asked about the words of the Tigers of the United States, "I will not say anything. When someone is on the ring, a man is abducted"Yudika said, refusing the driver's statements Directly encountered. I have decided not to take up controversies, it's not my fault, so I do not do it, "he adds.

He reminded Dumas about the fact that he had been talking to a colleague and that he would be in an interesting conversation with the campaign against the campaign. "Dennis Dumas: We took the campaign 10 years ago The show When Marcelo (Tinnally) spoke with one meter, who was discussing in a post, "he said.

After the radical node of Mariano Yudica, the tweet of the 'Carla Conan'
After the radical node of Mariano Yudica, the tweet of the 'Carla Conan'

The defense of Karla Konda Yudhikah echoed and tweeted his arguments. "For Denis, it was nice that a dirty episode was" something strange ".

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