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Marcelo Tinelli's suggestion of poorly illustrated Larita Fernás: I will love you

Millso Tinelli in Billyo is a typical, what he thinks does not have problems with what polmica sowing. Discussions on every show in the past are at least a little difficult for them in this situation. The same thing happened with me Larita Fernandes. Once again, he did not add the difference between the anchor's sword and the walls.

What are we specifically talking about? In his disastrous battle against Florenceia Vigna. Tennelli was talking about the introduction of Madla del Solo, Fegundo Massey. Shomach recalled two times to champion the champion. Lourita. "Does Flow Witch Come?" The driver told her that she was sorry. She replied, "I would like to see the silence between floor vignal and lorry fernandes. Nicholas Cab D background. "

"In fact, the desire to desire, the floor rehearses to work in cooperation with Nico VWW in the summer, we appreciate at night, we invite her, we invite her while we dance, and it remains …" Gigantofe vigna embraces the participant P.

Marcelo clicked again Sugar character. "Before the end of the year with the artist and fruit seller and bid, I want to hire an ultimatum," he said. Laura Laughing between, but quite disturbing, why am I "why?" Then he tried to make sense of the subject and made the best comment: "I yearn for a big hug every year, hugging all of the micha visa all."

"I think that's going to happen, until the last day of the program, you can continue to fill up the floor cup (she's dancing 2017's champion), Masala street del cero." Finally: Whatever happened, what would happen if the two told in the media?

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