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Marcelo Gardoo: "I think I'm going to play the final, play anywhere, play for Boca"

It was in the midst of a confused climate. The penalty on peninsula against gymnasium la plata fell In semifinal Argentina Cup The goal of winning the championship three times in the competition was not achieved. This incident occurred in uncertainty Millionaire In the past, the Complaint Dispipnary Unit of the events in the event of an incident is waiting for the administration Superfininal Resist copper libertadodores Mouth.

Well, after two wrappages on Wolf's journey, Marcelo Gardado Mar Dele was silent at the dressing room at the Jose Maria Minerala Stadium in Plata. "I'd like to talk about game today, Argentina football is generally a difficult task. That was quite different from everything that happened. But I think we played a very good game"He had decided in advance, but after passing the questions he admitted himself to give his opinion about what he thinks.

"Especially in the I think the final is going to be playedWe will wait for failure, but I have security. From tomorrow we start to compete for the competition, know where to play it, I play anywhere. First you must see if the ruler wants to play the game, then Boca introduces himself"He stressed.

The main definitions of Galardo

"The game was favorable to us, but we never finished it, and we always used it, we could not afford it because gymnastic responded and tied it up."

"We've got time to get it done, we had two obvious circumstances in the second half, but we did not do it, they were in the game, and Penal sometimes supported you and sometimes fought."

"This game was scheduled, it came to be assumed, and it was not appropriate to play Because the little talk was about this game, we focused attention. "

"Everything is very hard, something has happened, things that are normally happening, This is not an isolated incident, and always in the Copa Libertadores match. In very special circumstances, We were in the eye of the eye, we were the eye of the storm. We have a place to play football, we can do nothing, and for that matter we have things that should not be trusted. "

"We are strong, we have shown it more than once, but now we do not have to depend on it. We are a strong mentality, we are a competitive team"

"We feel like culprits, In a situation where we felt many things happened, our team felt guilty. I'd like to wait, I do not want to say things that I think and feel. "

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