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Macrosterok asteroid will reach the Earth 62 times

NASA warns that the asteroid with a diameter of 213 meter would be devastated by Earth in the next century. This is a big blast.

This is known as 2018 LF16. The rock was first launched on June 15, 2017, in the Central System of the Laboratory in London. The Jet Propulsion System (JPL) programmed to detect the threat of potential asteroid belt.

The largest production is on August 8, 2023. It will be on August 3, 2024 and August 1, 2025. LF 16 tractories in 2018 will be predicted. When the rock reached the earth until 2117,

If an asteroid of this size asteroids hit us, it would be associated with the power of 50 megatons, that is, the equivalent of a Soviet hydrogen bomb explosion known as the sovar bomb. Middle

However, it should be ensured that the chance of the collapse of the LF 16 in 2018 is not likely to exist. In fact, the exact percentage of this probability is estimated at 0.0000033%, which is 30,000,000.



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