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Loans from another overseas: Loans to Lucas Olasse Selta – 01/31/2019

Wilmer Barios's departure was settled by Guppoto Alfaro. The number of expatriates in Boca has decreased by six to five. But this Thursday was one. Lucas Olassa He is a new Celta De Wigga.


The Spanish club has been recognized as the club's club branch in 2014 and 2015.

"Left to defend against Arcy Selta, the power, power, standings, a well-known player for the great fans, the Uruguayan part of Lucas Olasse, was the opponent of the bio-juniers' libertador's river plate," the club reports.


The last semester was made by Guillermo or Barros Shelton's main team. With Gaddafi's arrival, he failed in a ground. Daggers say that Paraguayan junior alonso, a occupation of the borders, could be retained by that position. Even warned.


Prior to lendering, he used Boca's purchase option to be around $ 3,700,000 and used it from the Thaleless Cordoba 70%. The lease will be 18 months.

Selta has the ability to win Olja's goals. She is seventeen points and nine assistants in her career. "Defender stands in the best of his best balls and has allowed him to score a good goal," he says.


Now, alfarac Colombian Frank Faber will be able to re-register again and do not have problems with foreign quota. In Boca, there are also Uruguayan Nahita Nandus, Paraguayan Alonso, and Colombian German Campinso.

Will a new foreigner get another quota? Boca is still looking for a lighter midfielder, after refusing to sell Sporting Lisbon Marcos Aquana now Emilioan Riggani. The Oscar Romero alternative is substitute.

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