Monday , June 5 2023

Limit an app to send messages to five users in order to match incorrect news


WhatsApp has decided to extend to all users in the world, and a system is now only available in India.

From now on, Messaging app will limit the transmission of messages to the application to five users, It will be much more difficult to propagate messages in large quantities. The country has been accused of making false allegations in the country. Five persons were killed after a fake scam spread across the platform. Now the limit of 5 is spread to other parts of the world.

The recipients of messages sent from WhatsApp can limit up to five people, and opt-out of information in the election.. 2016 US presidential elections and rise in hate speech are governed by governments around the world due to Russian intervention and regulation of laws against fake laws. For example, in Brazil's presidential election 46% of voters used to read news. Many of them were wrongly convicted of Fernando Haddad, a rival of PT's Fernando Haddad and James Bolson. Folow de s. Polo

that's why The application has given you some time for the lack of misunderstandings Every time it passes any information delivered without verifying that the data is true (or at least suspiciously) it emerges. In this sense, every time a message is forwarded, a label is displayed in this leg, and the user is convinced that the sender has not actually created that text.

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