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Lethoporosis, a corpse in Minsk, is about 50 years old


Lethoporosis, a corpse in Minsk, is about 50 years old

George Gutierrez, director of the Epidemiological Observers of the Ministry of Health at the Mississippi, f Spoke in the Libertad. Guaranteed that their accuracy has not yet been verified. There are two inpatient areas in the province, one in Eidorado's Samik, and one in Obera.

George Gutierrez in Radio Libertad.

Guatemaras explained that one in the first case was a 60-year-old from San Pedro, who recently approved the registration of Brazil's laparosciaceous infections. For this reason, it is suspected of an "imported" case. The patient was admitted to a hospital and got infected. Regarding the second case, it is a 35-year-old from the colonial aurora. He is stable.

"Two cases are appropriate treatments and good results," said Gutiers. These patients have already been tested to send similar samples and make sure that they are treated perfectly at Laposporis treatment. In the meantime, I think it will last two weeks.

The Director of Epidemiology and the deceased person who had samples to determine the cause of death. This is the disease. Hantireus reminiscent of the same kind of rat type. They can be transferred through animals like pigs, pigs, pigs, horses and wild beasts.

"Carrier animals are in places where food is stored, once it's in contact with its sperm, which is epidemic," he said. They are "suburban" helicopters in the barn and warehouse, and they have the potential to appear in cities. Kolilargo is a wild species of macaque, camp, and abandoned places.

For the symptoms, Guevatus observes: "Lungs are breathing, breathing is a difficult breathing system and they are in some resemblance to one of the most explosive parts of the lymphoporosis, which is a chronic complication of kidney failure.

In the meantime, not only in Güteer's Masons, but in all the provinces, there were two opportunities for these opportunities. "Fortunately, since epidemiological observation continues we have not suspected of the Hantavirus in Misiones yet," he said.


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