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Leos Ventura Roberto Narrow went to smoke

Former C5N radio Marin Feroo was fixed. The president of Apple visited him and directed him to go to his hands.

Louis Ventura has stated that since the 2018 radio in Buenos Aires 2018, Martin Ferrero has been challenged by Roberto Narrator. "How much money did Martin Feore pay for the best information service service? The price paid by the media for the arranged prizes, who gets the money?" Mirror first wrote radio miter.

Before that allegation, Ventura spoke in the afternoon of Panama. The former C5N said thank you. "Martin Fierro had to explain how much he spent and who was going to get it," he said. In addition, we faced a relationship with a previous government. "They responded to where Twee was, they sponsored their programs, and we were going to review the accounts," the journalist said.

Finally, Wensura left indirect masala. "I'd say I'm not Baby Lelco," he hands with the radio 10 driver.


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