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Leonardo Ponce will have legal problems when entering Madrid

Its definition Libertador's Cup There are all the factors of a fiction. Request for general confusion about the selected area Mouth The title of the list and the activities of registered violence The monument And the theme taken to stadium Real Madrid They make a dramatic episode that can be represented on the big screen.

In the last hour, Leonardo Ponciano After his previous old novel, he became one of the star's major protagonists Zaragoza. The newspaper says Brand In it Spain, Steering wheel Millionaire Could not i Legal inconveniences When you enter the Iberian capital A case involving the alleged offense involved in the matches The player is in the team Aragon.

The meeting for the captain's captain Nuns Only dispute argues Zaragoza And Levante In 2010/11 season In it The League, Associated with the last date of the match.

At that point, YouA dozen Saragossa players have earned more than 120,000 euros to play the game Disputed In May In it 2011. As unexpected characters can not justify mysterious income That made the progress February It was announced The trial will be held in September 2019.

The FIG Provincial Court of Valencia, That controversial match for the city's success Zaragoza Way From 2 to 1 Ruled for Ponceo Two years of imprisonment and six years of unwarranted sports are ineligible.

What is lawyer River If you try to give a guarantee, the midfielder's condition does not prevent him from entering SpainBased on prosecution sources, included in it For at least six years the European country has been unable to carry out professional activities.

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