Sunday , May 28 2023

Learn two new possible cases of Hantavirus


after that Hawarrérus, a woman in the Kastley town of Buenos Aires, died of a woman who died, Mayor Francisco Ekareren It's confirmed Two possible new cases are analyzed. This is about the victim's husband and her son.

On the internet, we changed a husband and son's little son to practice intensive training in La Plata and Buenos Aires to introduce symptoms that would have been compatible with Hantawi. "Commune chief said in his Facebook account.

"We confirmed that family members will be infected with the same epidemic as a field shed found in a field shed:" It is an analysis, analysis of God, denial of analysis, and hope that this situation will end in the custral and family.

Hantavirus is a person from person to personality and personality. Aurron remembers that the Buenos Aires ministry "every minute" works in the Ministry of Health. "I'm always going to tell you the truth"The place was asked to go to a hospital without any symptoms and call for civil defense.

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