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Last year, HIV / AIDS patients had infected with AIDS patients in Mendoza.

Since 1988, UN organizations, governments, and civil society have witnessed on December one each to take up areas relating to the AIDS attack. Viruses' reaction has made significant progress in the 30th anniversary. Today, only three of the four HIV-positive people are known to be their serologist.

Victor Bittar, head of the Provincial Aids Program, said A total of 360 new cases were registered last year, ie, a patient (from Monday to Friday) reported daily dosage of the patient over the last five years.

"Despite the fact that we have been in a plateau for years, it is unfortunate that the figures do not decrease.The preventive measures in the province are important, but it is essential to continue and raise awareness. Mentioned specialist.

Discrimination is another topic to be solved. They explained from INADI's representative in Mendoza The number of people living in HIV / AIDS in the province is 6% of the total consultations and complaints received this year.

"These statistics show no significant differences in comparison with previous years, but they still remain," said Delin de Guzeppe, a representative of "Deline de Guzeppe," who said: "The major area of ​​development of discriminatory acts of people is working with HIV / AIDS and then working on public and private sector health."

People who think this type of activity is approached by Panditar Street 50, Meditas City, Mendoza City 50, the INDI delegation in Mendoza. From Friday on Fridays 8 to 16, 4243182 will be communicated.

Steps to take into account

There are a number of activities that will take place this year for HIV / AIDS reminder as part of a worldwide response. One of them will be organized this Friday. A campaign is organized by Provincial AIDS program which supplying and verification of fetal fetuses in all hospitals in health centers.

Also, on Saturday, get a place for free marketing and testing, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, C, hepatitis B vaccination, or / get information or advice. This function is from 9 to 13.30.

The theme of gymnastics during the day and the games related to the public will be held.

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